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Transporting in comfort

Transporting, conveying, communicating and sharing … Whether on land or sea, communication channels and modes of transportation need to take exterior constraints into account. Environmental performance, safety and comfort are synonymous with, and engender, quality in your area of activity. BS coatings’ technologies are at your disposal to meet and maintain your commitments.

Protection & Anticorrosion

transp antico transport

The environmental and operational constraints of modes of transportation oblige you to select protective coatings that meet exacting specifications. BS coatings offers solutions that take all of your requirements into account.

Sound proofing and vibration proofing

transp insonorisant

The comfort of your particular mode of transportation is one of your main priorities. You seek technologies that reduce vibration and provide sound proofing. Easy to apply and reliable, Insonastic® products meet your requirements and are widely used and approved, particularly in the railways sector.