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Innovation, performance, safety, environment… You face these challenges on a daily basis in developing and manufacturing durable and functional capital goods. BS coatings offers a wide range of coating technologies. In addition, our different industrial floor systems protect your working environment.

Anticorrosion protection coatings

industrie protectionantico

The constraints of producing and operating industrial equipment and environmental necessities imply the choice of protective coatings that meet precise specifications. You will obtain practical and appropriate responses to your requirements with BS coatings.

Internal tank coatings

industrie interieurcuve

An industrial concern or player in the storage of liquid and solid materials, you require coatings ensuring the safety and longevity of storage tanks or vessels. The non reinforced and stratified internal systems developed by BS coatings are the response to your requirements.

Industrial floor coatings

industrie sols1

You have various requirements: protecting, decorating and rendering your floors functional. BS coatings places its expertise at your service and provides you with full support: from the study phase to the completion of your projects, from film-forming systems to non-slip systems, from self-levelling antistatic systems to repair mortars …