Our coatings

Anticorrosion coatings or coatings compatible with the fluids transported, fire and smoke resistance properties, vibration proofing and sound proofing properties, vapour barrier coatings … To meet your specific needs and requests, BS coatings develops and optimises solutions that are both innovative and which are environmentally friendly.

Anticorrosion protection

perf antico

The formulation of our epoxy and polyurethane type organic coatings ensures very good anticorrosion protection, as does our range of bituminous coatings. This protection can be optimised by Silpipe® chemical surface preparation or the use of primers adapted to the substrate.

Contact with fluids

perf contactfluide

Internal pipe / tank coatings
BS coatings proposes solutions for varied constraints: contact with drinking water, waste water, flow of gas transported at high pressure in pipes, and coatings that are also suitable for contact with various hydrocarbons and bio-fuels.

Fire and smoke resistance

perf feu fumee

Whether for the passenger compartments of modes of transportation or the thermal insulation of circuits and ducts in buildings, BS coatings takes into account the necessity for fire and smoke resistance. Our solutions are adapted to industrial requirements and the fire ratings required in different countries and by different specifiers.

Sound proofing / Vibration proofing

perf insonorisant antivibratile

Antivibration and acoustic comfort standards for land and sea transport prompt industry to seek high performance functional coatings. To reduce vibration and provide sound proofing in passenger compartments, BS coatings proposes solutions employing water based technologies.

Vapour barriers

perf parevapeur

For the thermal insulation of installations operating at low or very low temperature, top coats for external protection combined with insulating materials guaranteeing a water vapour barrier complying with the regulations in force.