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Safeguarding our energy

Energy is our future. Operation, Production, Upgrading, Transport, Storage or Distribution are your activities, covering the whole oil or gas chain. At each of these different steps, BS coatings is committed to offering you solutions.

Coatings for oil and gas pipelines

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Whatever the environment and operating conditions, you are looking for the best solution. New pipelines, rehabilitation, parent or joint coatings, anticorrosion protection or interior coatings, onshore or offshore… BS coatings develops a wide range of solutions — mainly epoxy and polyurethane based — completed by coatings for accessories and adhesion promoters.

Coatings for storage

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The safety and the longevity of your storage tank installations, whether buried or above ground, are essential. You need high performance external coatings, non reinforced and stratified systems for contact with petroleum products, fuels and bio-fuels. BS coatings meets your key requirements.

Thermal insulation products

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Ensuring the thermal insulation of installations operating at low or very low temperature is your priority. Our range of anticorrosion primers and bonding and jointing products for insulating materials complements our top coats for external protection, ensuring water vapour barriers. An equivalent range is also available for hot circuits.