Our coatings

Anticipating needs and monitoring their evolution

BS coatings proposes different types of chemistry adapted to the anticipation or the evolution of needs. From powders to liquids, water based to solvent free solutions, BS coatings now has wide ranging technological expertise through the chemistry of epoxies, polyurethanes, polymers, bituminous coatings and silanes.


chimie epoxy1

A reference in the industrial coatings sector and in BS coatings’ range. Epoxy chemistry provides powder and liquid solutions and, especially, solvent free products. These different characteristics make it possible to meet the varied needs and constraints of applicators, without compromising on the final performance of the coatings.


chimie polyurethanne

Polyurethane chemistry is an essential solution for meeting industrial requirements. The reactivity and performance of polyurethane based coatings, combined with rapid drying, make them an ideal solution for many different applications: internal functional coatings, anticorrosion coatings for pipelines, buried tanks, etc.


chimie bitumineux

Bitumen chemistry, combined with BS coatings’ expertise, is still proposed for specific markets, enabling a combination of performance, ease of application and cost advantages, particularly for industrial applications …


chimie polymere

In order to meet both technical and environmental constraints, BS coatings also relies heavily on polymer chemistry, enabling solutions that are more environmentally friendly to be proposed. Polymer chemistry has now gained its letters of nobility, particularly in industry.